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  • Mahakalika temple, Pavagadh is one of the biggest pilgrimage destinations, in the dynamic state of Gujarat, which appeals to leisure tourists too. Millions of visitors throng this temple throughout the year. Pavagadh Hill is situated within a plain in Panchmahal district, Gujarat, western India at the height of 822 meters.


    It's a popular place for all kinds of travelers, adventure-seeking trekkers as well as those visiting the place purely to get the blessings of Mahakali, whose temple is on top of the hill. Pilgrims who wish to seeks blessings can either choose to climb 2000 steps or height of approx. 800 meters to reach the temple or they may just hop on the cable cars of Udan Khatola.


    The ropeway length is 763 meters and all cabins are totally enclosed. All cabins can accommodate 6 person each. With the ropeway ride that starts from Maachi, visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty of hills and forests around. The ropeway has made "Darshan" of Mahakalika more convenient to those who are not able to climb such a height.


Address: Maa Mahakalika Udan Khatola At: Manchi Po. Pavagadh - 389360

Nearest Airport: 48 Kms, Vadodara Airport, Civil Aerodrome

Nearest Railway Station: 54 Kms, Vadodara junction

Near by Cities: Vadodra 54 Km, Ahmedabad 152 km, Gandhinagar 174 km, Surat 211 km, Indore 313 km

Saat Kaman (Seven Arches)

9.3 km

It was founded by Vanraj Chavda, the most prominent king of the Chavda Dynasty, in the 8th century.


Pavagadh Fort, Champaner

5.2 km

The walls of the fort are still standing in parts, as are parts of the earliest known Hindu temple


Navlakha Kothar

3.1 km

An ancient structure with marks of historicity is located at Pavagadh Hills in Champaner.


Jain Temple, Pavagadh

5.6 km

Sons of King Ram, Lav and Kush along with 5 crore Muni have attained salvation from here.


Navlakha Kothar

Navlakha Kothar is a very old building used for grains collection. It is situated on the north side of pavagadh main hill.

Pavagadh Hill, Champaner

Visit during the monsoon and witness the lush green surroundings that will leave you in its awe.

Pavagadh Fort

Navlakha Kothar is a very old building used for grains collection. It is situated on the north side of pavag

Saat Kaman (Seven Arches)

Champaner is today the site of the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, which UNESCO designated a World Heritage Site in 2004.

Udan Khatola

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